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Behind the lens

They are going to grow up in a blink of an eye. These first weeks are so precious, so busy and you are so tired.  You want to bottle this moment forever. Those precious tiny hands, lips and feet. So small they fit into daddy's hands. 

Don't worry I am here to help you capture these memories forever.

Hi, I am Jackie Webster. I am a trusted and experienced newborn baby photographer that creates  beautiful custom bespoke artwork of newborn babies for my clients in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol and all areas of Somerset.

My home studio is located on the hillside of Weston-super-Mare. A large number of my clients travel to me from outside my local area some coming as far away from Kent and Manchester,

I have had extensive photographic training as well as specialised training in how to handle these tiny newborns in the safest possible way. I am fully insured and certified in Emergency Paediatric First Aid. I am expert in the latest photographic editing software.  I have photographed hundreds of newborns since 2010 and experienced at creating a gallery of images that you will treasure from this very special time.

I accept only a limited number of newborns each week and only book one newborn session per day which gives you plenty of time to feed and comfort your baby - I'm entirely baby led and baby decides the pace of the session. I have many parents who tell me how lovely it is to see me work so carefully and lovingly with their babies. This patience and care is how I can create a varied gallery that captures your newborn perfectly. Clients also say how much they enjoy the session and get so excited to come back for the viewing session.

I like to get to know my clients very well and once booking a session we can discuss the types of images you like and I can design your session to go with your family's personality and match your home decor. A true bespoke service.

I have been married for over 25 years and have two beautiful daughters.

I absolutely adore newborn photography. I know I am privileged to record those special moments when a little baby enters the couple’s life.

I love seeing the interaction within a new little family. My heart just melts as I remember I had those very same feelings when my girls were born. The new families have these memories and beautiful photographs to keep and cherish for generations to come.

Thanks again for stopping by.